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Centaury Bach Flower Remedy (Centaurium Erythraea)


Focus: Self Determination

Centaury helps to restore inner strength and self determination for those who feel unable to say no.


Those with a negative Centaury state are weak willed and easily influenced. They are submissive to others and have real trouble saying no. While they are highly capable, they lack the will to follow their own ideas and ambitions, and are overly dependant on recognition from others. They say yes no matter what the request, and their vitality is zapped by doing everything for everyone else.


Because their nature to please can be taken advantage of, they often feel resentful about being used. Centaury helps to restore strength to the mind and body, providing physical vitality and strength of will, building independance and the ability to put themselves first.


Centaury Flower Essence provides support for issues such as:

  • Being a "Yes" person - doing everything for everyone even when it's to one's own detriment
  • Inability to voice own needs
  • Unhealthy dependencies in relationships
  • Resentment towards others based on feelings of being used or taken advantage of
  • Unhealthy desire for recognition
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of standing up for oneself
  • Emotional immaturity
  • Lack of individuality - doing what others expect
  • Fatigue
  • Burnout
  • Digestive issues
  • Recovery from illness where vitality has been depleted


Centaury Flower Essence Benefits:

  • Independence
  • Restoring contact with the power of one's will
  • Seeing service as a mutual exchange
  • Greater ability to voice and meet own needs
  • Greater ability to recognise innermost desires
  • Greater ability to say "no" and put own needs first
  • Able to see one's own inner beauty and value
  • Breaking of unhealthy dependencies on others
  • Greater expression of creativity


This flower essence is made to order using all natural preservative (Organic Grape Brandy).


Once bottled, your essence is cleansed under a copper pyramid and charged with harmonising intentions of love and gratitude.


You'll receive

1 x 15ml bottle of Centaury Flower Essence in Treatment dilution.



    Pure Springwater, Natural Preservative (Organic Grape Brandy), Centaury Flower Essence.



    Take 4 drops under the tongue or added to a glass of filtered water 4 times daily.

    Continue use for up to 6 weeks, until your emotions feel balanced.

    Centaury Flower Essence (15ml)

    SKU: 0004
    • Pure Springwater, Natural Preservative (Organic Grape Brandy), Centaury Flower Essence. Once bottled, your essence is charged under a copper pyramid with the harmonising intentions of love and gratitude.

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