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What are Flower Essences?

What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences, also known as Flower Remedies, are waters infused with the energetic imprint of flowers.

Practitioners of Flower Therapy believe that Flower Essences contain beneficial healing qualities for humans (as well as animals and plants), and use them as a healing tool to raise the energetic vibration of the client to facilitate healing.  Flower Therapy was pioneered in the modern day by English physician Dr. Edward Bach, however, flower essences have been used by ancient cultures for many thousands of years, including here in Australia by our First Nation peoples.


In the 1920s, Dr Bach felt compelled to study the healing potential of flowers, after becoming disillusioned with the direction of modern medicine. He believed in healing the source of illness, rather than the symptom, and had observed that the source of illness and dis-ease in the body most often stemmed from emotional imbalance. Intuitively, he was drawn to flowers as a tool to balance the emotions and in turn, facilitate healing.


When we are emotionally imbalanced, we energetically resonate at a low vibration, which Dr. Bach believed was the ultimate cause for illness and dis-ease in the body. While studying flowers, he observed, energetically, that flowers naturally resonate at a very high vibration, and if he could bottle the vibration of flowers, he could create a healing remedy for the human bio-field. So, he set out to do this, and by 1939, had created a therapeutic system of 38 flower essences, to heal every emotional complaint. Almost a century on, Bach's most famous blend, Rescue Remedy, is in medicine cabinets all over the world.


Contemporary Flower Therapists have expanded the system of Flower Therapy, and commonly create their own Flower Essences, using flowers grown in their own gardens, picked from local wildflower fields and forests. At Flower Guide, we grow organic flowers on our small farm for this purpose, and make our own handcrafted Flower Essences according to Dr. Bach's original instructions.

Read on to learn more about Flower Essences and how they work.

What can Flower Essences help with?

Flower Essences use the unique energy of flowers to balance emotions and help raise the vibration in the human (and animal) biofield. They are completely safe to use, with no side effects or risk of overdose, and can be used by adults, children and pets.

They are a powerful tool for self care, personal development and self-healing.

Flower Essences can help with:

  • Emotional support during hard times

  • Transforming negative thought patterns

  • Building emotional strength and resilience

  • Facilitating healing from physical illness

  • Spiritual development

  • Raising your vibration

  • Manifestation and achieving your goals

Read on to learn more about the science of Flower Essences.

What can Flower Essences Help with? Image by Kyle Peyton

Is there evidence to support the use of Flower Essences?

As an energetic healing modality, Flower Therapy is not always looked upon favorably by contemporary Western Medicine. While clinical research into Flower Therapy is limited, recent scientific studies show that Flower Essences may help to reduce anxiety and relieve pain (

Flower Essences may help to relieve anxiety

Flower essences may help to relieve pain

For more information on Flower Therapy and subtle energy therapies, we recommend the book "Vibrational Medicine" by Richard Gerber M.D.

How are Flower Essences made?

Flower Essences are made by infusing spring water with flowers under direct sunlight.

A crystal bowl is filled with pure spring water (we use Beloka spring water) and a layer of fresh flowers is gently picked and placed into the water. The bowl is placed in a sunny spot, where the energy of the sun's life-giving rays charges the water with the flower's energy.

As water holds energy, it becomes imprinted with the energetic frequency of the flower, creating an energetic essence that can be diluted, bottled and preserved for treatment use.

How are Flower Essences Made? Image by Hans Haak

Our Ingredients 

At Flower Guide, we take pride in using the finest all natural, chemical-free ingredients in our products.

Natural Flower Essences - Image by Annie Spratt

Naturally Pure Flower Essence

We use a selection of sourced and handcrafted flower essences, using organic and chemical free plant material. All flower essences are prepared according to Dr. Bach's original instruction. Our flowers are grown free of chemicals and tended to with love and kindness.

Natural Flower Essences made from pure Australian spring water - Image by Samara Doole

Pure Beloka Spring Water

We use Australia's most pure spring water, Beloka Still Springwater in our stock and treatment bottles.  We choose Beloka because it is bottled at it's source in the Australian Alps and is packaged in recycled glass bottles, ensuring that we can avoid exposure to plastics.

Our Natural Flower Essences use organic grape brandy as preservative- Image by Eduardo Vaccari

Organic Grape Brandy

We use only the most natural organic preservatives from local Australian producers in our Flower Essence products to ensure their shelf life.

Pyramid charged Natural Flower Essences

Pyramid Power

All products are placed under a copper pyramid before shipment, to be cleansed and charged with high vibration. As we understand that water holds intention, we make sure we bless each bottle with the pure intention of love and gratitude.

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