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Natalie Grace Flower Therapist

Meet your Flower Guide,
Natalie Grace

I'm Natalie, your resident Flower Therapist and energetic guide.

I am inspired by the gorgeous beauty of nature, the kind friendship of animals, the opportunity for self healing and people following their soul's path.


I enjoy gardening, reading the Tarot, hanging out with my cat, chickens and cows, reading new age literature, crafting things with my hands, cooking (and eating) delicious veggie food and the studying the esoteric arts.

Read on to learn more about my journey with Flower Therapy, and reach out if you feel called to work with me - I'd  love to journey with you!

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My Story

I was drawn to work with the sacred essence of flowers after dealing with my own long term auto-immune illness.

After many years of feeling emotionally and physically low, riddled with fatigue and inflammation and feeling sad and depressed, I sought help and was diagnosed with Auto-immune Thyroid Disease. Validated by Western Medicine and armed with a label for how I was feeling, I started to research my condition and learn how to help myself recover. 

I was gifted a Flower Therapy session with my own flower guide, who later became a lovely friend and colleague. She (along with my Naturopath) inspired me with the belief that I could heal myself, and provided me with a prescription of flower remedies that would help me on my way. After 6 weeks of Flower Therapy, I felt transformed - I felt emotionally balanced, and revitalised with new energy and positive outlook for my healing (and life in general). This shift allowed me the space to create a new healthy lifestyle; daily yoga practice, spiritual rituals and dedication to a healthy diet, something that I continue to this day.

Flower Essences have been a crucial part of my healing journey, allowing me to shift stale, negative energy and fast track my ability for self-healing. With flower essences, I was able to feel more like my true self - vital, healthy and content. After witnessing the quantum healing qualities of Flower Essences first hand, I felt compelled to study their use, so that I could share their magic with others. 

The thing I love most about Flower Essence is it's ability to balance the subtle energy bodies with such ease. Flower Essences provide support and comfort in times of grief, despair and hopelessness, and help us to let go of emotions and thought patterns that distract us from living from the heart.  They help to free up space in the emotional energy bodies, so that we can feel stronger and better equipped to get on with the job of healing, allowing for overall personal transformation.

I feel passionate about sharing the sacred gift of Flower Essences with the world, as I believe they have the power to help everyone heal. And that, in itself, has the power to heal the world.

If you resonate with my story, I encourage you to get in touch - I'd love to work with you.

Connect with me

If you feel called to work with flowers, I'd love to be your guide. Just click the button below to get started.

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