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Flower Essence Blends

Shop our exclusive signature range of Flower Guide Bach Flower Remedy Blends. Our blends are made from the highest quality all-natural ingredients, with the pure vibrations of love and gratitude.

About Flower Essences Blends

Flower Essences, also known as Flower Remedies, are waters infused with the energetic imprint of flowers.

Practitioners of Flower Therapy believe that Flower Essences contain beneficial healing qualities for humans (as well as animals and plants), and use them as a healing tool to raise the energetic vibration of the client to facilitate healing.  Flower Therapy was pioneered in the modern day by English physician Dr. Edward Bach, however, flower essences have been used by ancient cultures for many thousands of years, including here in Australia by our First Nation peoples.

Flower Essences use the unique energy of flowers to balance emotions and help raise the vibration in the human (and animal) biofield. They are completely safe to use, with no side effects or risk of overdose, and can be used by adults, children and pets. They are a powerful tool for self care, personal development and self-healing.

Flower Essences can help with:

  • Emotional support during hard times

  • Transforming negative thought patterns

  • Building emotional strength and resilience

  • Facilitating healing from physical illness

  • Spiritual development

  • Raising your vibration

  • Manifestation and achieving your goals

Need help selecting the perfect blend?

If you're new to Flower Therapy, or you need some help selecting the best Flower Essence for you, we're here for you!

We offer online Flower Therapy consultations, where we work through your current physical, mental and emotional states and self-healing goals to select the perfect blend of flower remedies just for you.

Best of all, all consultations come with a personalised 30ml Flower Essence blend shipped straight to your door.

Image by Daiga Ellaby
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