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Elm Bach Flower Remedy (Ulmus Campestris)


Focus: Balanced Responsibility

Elm provides self-assurance to those who feel overwhelmed by life responsibilities.


Like the Elm tree, Elm people are strong and capable and pride themselves being the person their friends and family can depend on whenever needed. However, even the strongest of us can feel overwhelmed by committments and responsibilities. And in those times, it's common to feel you may buckle under the weight of your workload. You may set unrealistically high standards for yourself, or prioritise tasks for others while denying your own needs as you seek external validation to see your own worth.


Elm helps us in those times when we feel we have too much on our plate, and we're not sure if we can manage. It reminds us that we are strong and capable, and that everything's going to be ok. For times when you feel weaker than your usual self, look to Elm.


Elm Flower Essence provides support for issues such as:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by workload or responsibilities
  • Feeling 'at the end of your rope'
  • Feeling trapped by your commitments
  • Inability to complete tasks
  • Feeling like you might break under your load
  • Demanding study periods
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Need for external approval
  • Setting unrealistically high standards for yourself
  • Times of personal crisis
  • Times of inner weakness or self-doubt
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches


Benefits of Elm Flower Essence Benefits:

  • Self-assurance
  • Confidence in own ability
  • Competence
  • Increased ability to cope during times of stress
  • More balanced approach to taking on new responsibilities
  • Sense of responsibility to self
  • Better work/life balance
  • Higher value on internal validation vs external approval
  • Courage and poise during demanding times


This flower essence is made to order using all natural preservative (Organic Grape Brandy).


Once bottled, your essence is cleansed under a copper pyramid and charged with harmonising intentions of love and gratitude.


You'll receive

1 x 15ml bottle of Elm Flower Essence in Treatment dilution.



    Pure Springwater, Natural Preservative (Organic Grape Brandy), Elm Flower Essence.



    Take 4 drops under the tongue or added to a glass of filtered water 4 times daily.

    Continue use for up to 6 weeks, until your emotions feel balanced.

    Elm Flower Essence (15ml)

    SKU: 0011
    • Pure Springwater, Natural Preservative (Organic Grape Brandy), Elm Flower Essence. Once bottled, your essence is charged under a copper pyramid with the harmonising intentions of love and gratitude.

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