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Vine Bach Flower Remedy (Vitis Vinifer)


Focus: Positive leadership

Vine Flower Essence helps to restore positive leadership qualities to those who are domineering and obsessed with being in charge.


Negative Vine types have a "My way or the highway" mentality, who gain power by dominating and intimidating others. They need to be in control at all times, and have trouble finding compassion and empathy. They view people as a means to their end, taking credit for other work, happy to trample over whoever is necessary to achieve their goal status. 


Vine Flower Essence encourages coorperation and compassion and allows for the release of control. It helps to creating harmony between the heart and the mind. It reminds us that true positive leadership is only possible when an open heart and an open mind work together as one.


Vine Flower Essence provides support for issues such as:

  • Inflexibility
  • Overbearing personality
  • Dominance over others
  • Relentless will to power
  • Ruthlessness
  • Using others to climb the ladder
  • Hardened heart
  • Obsession with being in charge
  • Tendency to intimidate
  • Bullying
  • Heart problems
  • Frozen or painful joints


Benefits of Vine Flower Essence Benefits:

  • Commitment
  • Kind leadership
  • Cooperation over domination
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Compassion
  • More responsive to the needs of others
  • Opened heart
  • Release of control
  • Greater ability to go with the flow


This flower essence is made to order using all natural preservative (Organic Grape Brandy).


Once bottled, your essence is cleansed under a copper pyramid and charged with harmonising intentions of love and gratitude.


You'll receive

1 x 15ml bottle of Vine Flower Essence in Treatment dilution.



    Pure Springwater, Natural Preservative (Organic Grape Brandy), Vine Flower Essence.



    Take 4 drops under the tongue or added to a glass of filtered water 4 times daily.

    Continue use for up to 6 weeks, until your emotions feel balanced.

    Vine Flower Essence (15ml)

    SKU: 0032
    • Pure Springwater, Natural Preservative (Organic Grape Brandy), Vine Flower Essence. Once bottled, your essence is charged under a copper pyramid with the harmonising intentions of love and gratitude.

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